Jharish (jharish) wrote,

Art Project with Freaky Fursuits!

I'm helping produce Project Nunway 4. This year's concept is 'Flora' and we're having it at the San Francisco AIDS Grove in Golden Gate Park for World AIDS Day.

As we're planning the idea of having a Caligula-like backdrop in the forest surrounding the grove of fursuiters in some funky fursuits having animal sex while the procession of nuns walk up with their floral-inspired outfits!

Last year's theme was the apocalypse and we had some amazing outfits!


So! Feedback? Who wants to get involved with this? What sorts of problems do you foresee? Having been new to operating a fursuit event, we're willing to go to whatever lengths we need to in order to make people feel safe about participating.

Feel free to repost in any community that would be interested in this!
Tags: art project
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